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During 2020, the world went through an extraordinary time where many kids were off school and parents were trying to juggle work and family life in their household bubbles. For us, this is where the idea of Crafty Little Kits came from. We were having weekly activity classes with our nieces via zoom and each week we spent hours researching different activities. This led us to think, how can parents do this on a weekly basis let alone during school holidays where they have endless days to entertain? So, here we are - aiming to provide you with convenient, sustainable craft activities which your kids will love.

Crafty Little Kits is a brand owned by The Seaton Company. This company was founded by us, the Seaton sisters. Family is everything to us and we developed this brand with our two nieces in mind, they are our craft consultants and toughest critics so be assured that only the best will be delivered to your door.